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Plieur Linen for Child 123... Plieur Linen for Child 123... 2
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Plieur Linen for Child 123 Fold

The plieur linen for children is an essential accessory to fold rapidly and efficiently the clothes of the little ones.
Vacuum Pet Hairs Vacuum Pet Hairs 2
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Vacuum Pet Hairs

My Pet EZ
The cordless vacuum which will help you shed the hair of your pets. Must be pet coat, short or long.
Vacuum storage bag for... Vacuum storage bag for... 2
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Vacuum storage bag for clothing

Vacuum storage bag to keep clothes very easy and comfortable to use and with incredible results : up to 75 % less space !
Solar lamp LED Solar lamp LED 2
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Illumination and decoration outdoor

Solar lamp LED

The solar lamp LED charging with sunlight and turns on automatically as soon as it begins to get dark. They offer a light, very warm and pleasant.
Pillow U Pillow U 2
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Pillow U

David & Victoria Beckham
The pillow relaxation U is designed for sleeping on your side thanks to its ergonomic shape and its cavity for the ear, which will help align the back and provide a better comfort during the night.
Robot Vacuum Cleaner... Robot Vacuum Cleaner... 2
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Robot Vacuum Cleaner Intelligent

The robot vacuum cleaner Intelligent aspires in performing different movements to cover the entire floor. You simply plug it in and the will do the rest, cleaning all the dirt on its way !
Roll reusable Anti Plush... Roll reusable Anti Plush... 2
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Roll reusable Anti Plush (lot of 2)

The final solution to remove the hair and lint that remains stuck to the clothes. Pack of 2 rolls : Roller Anti Plush surfaces large surface (of the roll : 10 cm) Roller travel foldable (roll surface : 7.5 cm)
Marker Anti-Scratch Marker Anti-Scratch 2
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Marker Anti-Scratch

The marker hides greatly scratches, shocks and bodywork of cars, motorcycles or bicycles. In addition, it is compatible with the bodywork of any color, permanent, waterproof and odorless.
Handle Support Bathroom Grip Handle Support Bathroom Grip 2
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Handle Support Bathroom Grip

The handle support for bathroom is an ingenious system designed for to facilitate your travel and ensure your stability in order to offer you more autonomy and security. You will only have to fix thanks to its locking system with suction secure in especially handy.
Armband sports safety LED Armband sports safety LED 2
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Sports Equipment

Armband sports safety LED

The armband for safety sports LED is the ideal solution for athletes in order to ensure your safety, without risking to pass unnoticed in the night. Works with batteries (2 x CR2032, included).
Pen Drive Pen Drive 2
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Gifts for weddings, Communions and Baptisms

Pen Drive

Customize the products and objects of value through the pen drive ! With this fantastic pen recorder, you will be able to make the engravings very original and creative on a large quantity of products and surfaces.
Garden hose Expandable 22 m Garden hose Expandable 22 m 2
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Garden hoses and accessories

Garden hose Expandable 22 m

Ultrapratique and revolutionary, the hose extendable 22m is made from a material very resistant and non-slippery. For the ranger, nothing more simple. You will just have to shut of the water and see it shrink and fold in on itself to return to its initial size.
Globes automatic watering... Globes automatic watering... 2
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Illumination and decoration outdoor

Globes automatic watering 10j (pack of 2)

The globes watering are designed to water your plants at the drip, they are offering up 10 days of automatic watering and are the perfect solution for watering your plants in your absence. The watering system captures the oxygen from the earth to provide the amount of water necessary for the well-being of your plants.
Telescopic ladder... Telescopic ladder... 2
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Telescopic ladder Extensible 2.60 m

The telescopic ladder Extensible, telescopic ladder aluminium, both solid and practical, which, once folded, takes up very little space and can be stored easily. Unfolded, it can reach between 2.60 m, while it supports a maximum weight of 150 kg.
Soap dispenser Automatic Soap dispenser Automatic 2
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Gifts for the home

Soap dispenser Automatic

With this soap dispenser automatic, you will only have to place your hand under the sensor for the dispenser releases just the right amount of soap to the palm of your hand. Forget pellets of soap and soap dispensers conventional and bet on the soap dispenser automatic, much more clean, hygienic and economical !
Keychain Whistle Keychain Whistle 2
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Door Key

Keychain Whistle

Whistle and the key chain will automatically turn on and you will using sound and light signals where to look ! The door-key OkKey locates the keys for you in a whistle ! The light red LED will prove to be very useful if you find yourself in the black. And even to illuminate the keyhole in the evening, thanks to a small switch to operate ;)
Lantern, Camping Dynamo (4... Lantern, Camping Dynamo (4... 2
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Camping and Mountain

Lantern, Camping Dynamo (4 LED)

Adventure Goods
The camping lantern dynamo (4 LED), a great lamp to illuminate your steps no matter where you are. Lightweight and ultrapratique, it allows you to combine adventure and comfort on your next getaway, hiking, camping holidays in...
Electric Pump Electric Pump 2
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Diy and Hardware

Electric Pump

Adventure Goods
With pimp out don't waste the breath ! This electric pump is very handy and will help you inflate any object inflatable in no time.
Distributor of Bags Poop... Distributor of Bags Poop... 2
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Trips and walks

Distributor of Bags Poop for Dogs (15 Bags)

Pet Prior
The dispenser of bags to poop for dogs (15 bags) is a product indispensable to avoid that the sidewalks do become " crottoirs ". With a capacity of 15 plastic bags (approximately 32 x 22 cm), it is very convenient to pick up the droppings of your dog when you walk or go to the park.
Lamp Anti-mosquito T1500 Lamp Anti-mosquito T1500 2
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Lamp Anti-mosquito T1500

A trap convenient for flies and mosquitoes with the aim of getting rid of insects flying. This lamp anti-mosquito is equipped with a UV lamp that attracts insects, and a grid electric, which eliminates, the lamp anti-mosquito does not use any chemical substances and does not emit either smoke or noxious odours.
Door bell Wireless 16... Door bell Wireless 16... 2
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Door bell Wireless 16 Ringtones

Oh My Home
Wireless doorbell 16 ringtones, battery-operated, radio frequency (433 Mhz), very convenient and easy to install. This wireless doorbell has 16 different ringtones and a range of up to 30 m.
Robot-Vacuum Cleaner Rumbot... Robot-Vacuum Cleaner Rumbot... 2
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Robot-Vacuum Cleaner Rumbot Mini

The robot-vacuum cleaner automatic Rumbot Mini is not only fast, but also very effective on any type of smooth surface : parquet, sandstone, marble, etc It is a superb robot vacuum cleaner necessary to clean your floors without any effort.
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