Garden and Terrace

Garden and Terrace
Solar lamp LED Solar lamp LED 2
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Illumination and decoration outdoor

Solar lamp LED

The solar lamp LED charging with sunlight and turns on automatically as soon as it begins to get dark. They offer a light, very warm and pleasant.
Garden hose Expandable 22 m Garden hose Expandable 22 m 2
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Garden hoses and accessories

Garden hose Expandable 22 m

Ultrapratique and revolutionary, the hose extendable 22m is made from a material very resistant and non-slippery. For the ranger, nothing more simple. You will just have to shut of the water and see it shrink and fold in on itself to return to its initial size.
Globes automatic watering... Globes automatic watering... 2
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Illumination and decoration outdoor

Globes automatic watering 10j (pack of 2)

The globes watering are designed to water your plants at the drip, they are offering up 10 days of automatic watering and are the perfect solution for watering your plants in your absence. The watering system captures the oxygen from the earth to provide the amount of water necessary for the well-being of your plants.
Lamp Anti-mosquito T1500 Lamp Anti-mosquito T1500 2
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Lamp Anti-mosquito T1500

A trap convenient for flies and mosquitoes with the aim of getting rid of insects flying. This lamp anti-mosquito is equipped with a UV lamp that attracts insects, and a grid electric, which eliminates, the lamp anti-mosquito does not use any chemical substances and does not emit either smoke or noxious odours.
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