Diy and Hardware

Diy and Hardware
Marker Anti-Scratch Marker Anti-Scratch 2
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Marker Anti-Scratch

The marker hides greatly scratches, shocks and bodywork of cars, motorcycles or bicycles. In addition, it is compatible with the bodywork of any color, permanent, waterproof and odorless.
Pen Drive Pen Drive 2
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Gifts for weddings, Communions and Baptisms

Pen Drive

Customize the products and objects of value through the pen drive ! With this fantastic pen recorder, you will be able to make the engravings very original and creative on a large quantity of products and surfaces.
Telescopic ladder... Telescopic ladder... 2
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Telescopic ladder Extensible 2.60 m

The telescopic ladder Extensible, telescopic ladder aluminium, both solid and practical, which, once folded, takes up very little space and can be stored easily. Unfolded, it can reach between 2.60 m, while it supports a maximum weight of 150 kg.
Keychain Whistle Keychain Whistle 2
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Door Key

Keychain Whistle

Whistle and the key chain will automatically turn on and you will using sound and light signals where to look ! The door-key OkKey locates the keys for you in a whistle ! The light red LED will prove to be very useful if you find yourself in the black. And even to illuminate the keyhole in the evening, thanks to a small switch to operate ;)
Electric Pump Electric Pump 2
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Diy and Hardware

Electric Pump

Adventure Goods
With pimp out don't waste the breath ! This electric pump is very handy and will help you inflate any object inflatable in no time.
Door bell Wireless 16... Door bell Wireless 16... 2
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Door bell Wireless 16 Ringtones

Oh My Home
Wireless doorbell 16 ringtones, battery-operated, radio frequency (433 Mhz), very convenient and easy to install. This wireless doorbell has 16 different ringtones and a range of up to 30 m.
Scale Transformable (3,70 m) Scale Transformable (3,70 m) 2
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Scale Transformable (3,70 m)

Oh My Home
Particularly practical and versatile, reach all the locations in height the more difficult to access with this scale transformable ! Aluminum ladder adopts multiple positions to accommodate all your needs !
Carrying straps (pack of 2) Carrying straps (pack of 2) 2
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Diy and Hardware

Carrying straps (pack of 2)

These carrying straps made of nylon for more resistance (Weight supported : 900 kg) are very practical ! This is the perfect solution for moving heavy objects, such as appliances, furniture, sofas, etc, because they allow you to move with ease, without feeling their weight while avoiding injury to your back.
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