Aesthetic and Body Treatments

Aesthetic and Body Treatments
Trimmer Hair and Beard of 3... Trimmer Hair and Beard of 3... 2
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Hair clippers

Trimmer Hair and Beard of 3 days

Very convenient for the 3-day beard, this mower high performance incorporates a light function for greater ease of use and precision cutting. The two clogs you will refresh your hair cut, while the minisabots will allow you to obtain a " 3-day beard "
Beard trimmer BT3040 Braun...
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The beard trimmer Braun : a maximum of precision with a simple, amazing ! With its 39 length adjustments and dial accuracy; The beard trimmer from Braun offers you an exact length, precise contours and a mowing uniform : the basic foundation of a perfect look ! Gift pimp out : a manual razor Gillette Fusion ProGlide !
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