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Vacuum Pet Hairs Vacuum Pet Hairs 2
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Vacuum Pet Hairs

My Pet EZ
The cordless vacuum which will help you shed the hair of your pets. Must be pet coat, short or long.
Distributor of Bags Poop... Distributor of Bags Poop... 2
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Trips and walks

Distributor of Bags Poop for Dogs (15 Bags)

Pet Prior
The dispenser of bags to poop for dogs (15 bags) is a product indispensable to avoid that the sidewalks do become " crottoirs ". With a capacity of 15 plastic bags (approximately 32 x 22 cm), it is very convenient to pick up the droppings of your dog when you walk or go to the park.
Protective cover to Car for... Protective cover to Car for... 2
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Protective cover to Car for Animals

Protect your car from dirt, claw marks and the hair of the dog, while ensuring the comfort of your pet. The size of the cover is 140 cm wide and 120 cm of width which is suitable for most cars !
Pad Musical Piano (+3 years) Pad Musical Piano (+3 years) 2
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High Tech

Pad Musical Piano (+3 years)

Junior Knows
The mat musical Piano is the best way to introduce children to the world of music and rhythm in a fun way ! With a background music, you can choose between 9 instrument sounds and 10 melodies. Suitable for children over 3 years old.
Portable Piano (+3 years) Portable Piano (+3 years) 2
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Portable Piano (+3 years)

Junior Knows
Portable Piano for children over 3years, the portable piano has 61 keys, 9 sounds and 10 melodies with which the little ones can spend moments really fun.
Pull up bar steel Pull up bar steel 2
Out of stock
Sports Equipment

Pull up bar steel

Excellent pull-up bar made of steel, for door has handles and end caps of the mounting rubber with the strength and stability you need to achieve your strength training exercises on bar.
Solar lamp LED Solar lamp LED 2
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Illumination and decoration outdoor

Solar lamp LED

The solar lamp LED charging with sunlight and turns on automatically as soon as it begins to get dark. They offer a light, very warm and pleasant.
Audiphone, amplifier, sound Audiphone, amplifier, sound 2
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Gift Ideas

Audiphone, amplifier, sound

Cirkuit Planet
Amplifier its makes the sounds more audible, so that you can hear whispers and conversations, as well as watching the tv at low volume.
Pillow U Pillow U 2
Out of stock

Pillow U

David & Victoria Beckham
The pillow relaxation U is designed for sleeping on your side thanks to its ergonomic shape and its cavity for the ear, which will help align the back and provide a better comfort during the night.
Tensioners for Exercises in... Tensioners for Exercises in... 2
Out of stock
Sports Equipment

Tensioners for Exercises in Suspension

Created by the american army (Navy Seals), we present to you the latest in fitness and training at home : the turnbuckles for exercises in suspension. Free gift : 1 instruction manual with exercises and a transport bag.
Roll reusable Anti Plush... Roll reusable Anti Plush... 2
Out of stock

Roll reusable Anti Plush (lot of 2)

The final solution to remove the hair and lint that remains stuck to the clothes. Pack of 2 rolls : Roller Anti Plush surfaces large surface (of the roll : 10 cm) Roller travel foldable (roll surface : 7.5 cm)
Robot Vacuum Cleaner... Robot Vacuum Cleaner... 2
Out of stock

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Intelligent

The robot vacuum cleaner Intelligent aspires in performing different movements to cover the entire floor. You simply plug it in and the will do the rest, cleaning all the dirt on its way !
Support Laptop Support Laptop 2
Out of stock

Support Laptop

Ventilated backing for a laptop that will allow you to use your laptop conveniently and in all circumstances, whether you're on your couch or in your bed !Handy and lightweight, the stand stores easily and takes up very little space when folded.
Marker Anti-Scratch Marker Anti-Scratch 2
Out of stock

Marker Anti-Scratch

The marker hides greatly scratches, shocks and bodywork of cars, motorcycles or bicycles. In addition, it is compatible with the bodywork of any color, permanent, waterproof and odorless.
Machine Sushi Machine Sushi 2
Out of stock

Machine Sushi

It has never been so easy to make your own reels with this machine to Sushi. With this machine you will be able to prepare a good sushi at home, without the need to move to a specialized restaurant.
Robot washing windows Robot washing windows 2
Out of stock

Robot washing windows

Very easy to use, simply attach it to the window (using a suction system) and it does the job all alone ! The benefits are obvious; of course, we gain a lot of time, because while he washes, we can do something else, but above all, it is possible to wash the surfaces that we can't reach (outside of a veranda, to a window of the fourth floor..)
Handle Support Bathroom Grip Handle Support Bathroom Grip 2
Out of stock

Handle Support Bathroom Grip

The handle support for bathroom is an ingenious system designed for to facilitate your travel and ensure your stability in order to offer you more autonomy and security. You will only have to fix thanks to its locking system with suction secure in especially handy.
Armband sports safety LED Armband sports safety LED 2
Out of stock
Sports Equipment

Armband sports safety LED

The armband for safety sports LED is the ideal solution for athletes in order to ensure your safety, without risking to pass unnoticed in the night. Works with batteries (2 x CR2032, included).
Pen Drive Pen Drive 2
Out of stock
Gifts for weddings, Communions and Baptisms

Pen Drive

Customize the products and objects of value through the pen drive ! With this fantastic pen recorder, you will be able to make the engravings very original and creative on a large quantity of products and surfaces.
Table articulable for computer Table articulable for computer 2
Out of stock

Table articulable for computer

Discover the many advantages and utilities of the table articulable for computer, table, phone with an original design and modern, designed to adapt to all surfaces thanks to its feet articulable and farms which give it maximum stability.
Touch Gloves Hands-Free Touch Gloves Hands-Free 2
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Bluetooth hands-free

Touch Gloves Hands-Free

They seem to be simple gloves for the winter, but in truth, they are touch gloves bluetooth with an earpiece and a microphone embedded in the tips of the fingers which will allow you to talk on the phone with a simple gesture, without the need to remove your gloves, while protecting you from the cold.
Stopper Bobbin (10 Pack) Stopper Bobbin (10 Pack) 2
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Other accessories and kitchen utensils

Stopper Bobbin (10 Pack)

The stopper bobbin (10 Pack) is the perfect solution for drinking your can of way more practical and hygienic : You only need to put the cap at the base of the bobbin so that it remains tightly closed.
Garden hose Expandable 22 m Garden hose Expandable 22 m 2
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Garden hoses and accessories

Garden hose Expandable 22 m

Ultrapratique and revolutionary, the hose extendable 22m is made from a material very resistant and non-slippery. For the ranger, nothing more simple. You will just have to shut of the water and see it shrink and fold in on itself to return to its initial size.
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