Robot-Vacuum Cleaner Upper RumBot

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The robot-vacuum cleaner clever Rumbot combines performance and convenience to make daily maintenance of your home.

This robot-vacuum cleaner premium is 100 % automatic : you only need to turn it on for it to clean the house all alone. Thanks to its very compact, it reaches to any corner or area difficult to access. In addition, it provides fantastic results on any type of surface : parquet, sandstone, marble, etc Specifications : Robot Vacuum cleaner with vacuum sensor, when it détècte an end of a surface, it changes direction. Remote control for remote control automatic Return to the charging station dust Bin 0.6 l, with filter, 2 side brushes turning at 360º 1 brush central vacuum Battery: 1500 mAh Ni-MH battery Autonomy approx. : 60 minutes charge Time approx. : 8 h Dimensions approx. (diameter x height) : 36 x 9.5 cm Power : 25 W Charger : 18 V 350 mAh

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