Bag Solar Shower 15 l

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You are the type to go on an adventure or at the end of the world, but do not want to give up your hygiene ?
Balancing escape and comfort with this bag, solar shower for camping 15L ! A solution smart to be able to shower quickly and comfortably, wherever you are !

If the weather is fine in the part, you can even have a shower with hot water : and yes !
To do this, you will only have to leave the bag of the solar shower in a sunny spot and, after only 3 hours of sun exposure, you will get water up to 43º approx
The plastic used in the manufacture of the bag of the solar shower is highly resistant and specially designed to absorb the ambient heat.
Easy to set up and use, you will only have to fill the bag with water, suspend it in height and showering normally.
The bag of the solar shower includes :

  • 1 pocket 15 l (approx 190 x 40 cm) with a device for opening/closing the valve,
  • 1 hand shower with tube flow (approximately 70 cm),
  • 1 tube horizontal support and a string with a suspension system to hang or suspend
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