Boost your sales with pimp out !

We created pimp out in order to promote and market your innovations to the greatest number !

A simple service and complete

We offer a simple service and complete that you will save time and money at every stage of your development.
Pimp out is a concept store created by startupers and for startupers : based on the desire to simplify your life by allowing you to highlight and market the unique products and innovative from some of the best startups of the moment.

On the site, the startups who wish to be referenced to make the request and we will take care to test their products. Thereafter, each company is engaged in the management of its own orders and the processing of its requests.

In addition, the community pimp out may interact with the startups to get feedback from users or future customers. This operation allows the consumer to be assured vis-à-vis the products they wish to purchase and also allows the startup to improve its products following the remarks of the buyers.

A space communication and sales thought for startups

Pimp out is a space designed for startups : we give back the power to startupers in removing the interim !

It is a marketplace that is dedicated to you to promote and sell simply and quickly your products to our community and to the international, allowing you to easily expand your sales without wasting time !

The operation to pimp out

Pimp out the concept store of the future !

  1. Startups make a request to be referenced (, we test before the validation in order to guarantee to our community of innovative products and quality.
  2. Our media center then completes the communication media products in order to disseminate maximum information and visibility in the eyes of our customers.
  3. Our commercial centre is working on a product offering to market the item at the best price in the best conditions
  4. Finally, the customers can then directly purchase the product.
  5. Then, we offer a Premium service to startups based on the needs and goals of the startup.

The bet winner, winner!!!

No membership fee, no subscription, we simply take a commission on the sale of your products !

Submit to our community your connected object, product innovative or amazing as of now by contacting us directly by mail :

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