Pimp out pro service

(opening September 2018)

In 2018, pimped it wants to accompany 20 French start-ups to develop the distribution activity in order to benefit the startups of the visibility and the commercial launch of a sales force to the international for greater visibility, and therefore an increase in the number of sales.
We offer a service complete and simple system that will save you time and money at every stage of your development.
We created pimp out in order to promote and market your innovation to the greatest number :

  1. Accompany start-ups in the sector who wish to enter the market of the large distribution public international
  2. Check the appetite of the public, to see if the product positioning is relevant, if the packaging is easily understandable... of useful information to finalize the development (reporting clear, detailed and transparent ! commission on the sale of each product),
  3. Developsa : Area retailers : pharmacies, diy stores or watchmaking, for example, where the corners "connected objects" in the colours of the brand will be installed.

Professionals, retailers, discover our offers and our solutions !
Together, give life to your projects !

Please contact us directly by email : contact-pro@pimper.fr

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