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Update April 2, 2018

1. Pimp out

1.1. Why "Pimp Out" ?

- Pimped it, references to literary :
"The bosses have closed and left in the car. They were pimpés. The electrician also put himself on his thirty and one and he has taken his bicycle."
— (Jean Giono, Les Grands Chemins, 1951, p80)

"This summer, we pimpe his hair and we dare you not to color with the Color Bug from Kevin Murphy specially thought for the hair."
— (log 20 minutes, issue dated 27 July to 2 August 2012)

- Definition of pimped it on wiktionary.org :
Make changes to a car to make it more conspicuous; to Make his personal touch to an object (clothing, furniture, laptop,...) to make it unique. (Source : http://fr.wiktionary.org/wiki/pimper)

Pimped it is, therefore, a verb synonymous with "customize, customize," or as like the provençal writer Jean GIONO in his book the big Roads in 1951, it is also and especially for us, will clothe with research and elegance. Dare to take the path of innovation and customization to simplify our life : it is our commitment to customer !

1.2. Why have you created the marketplace pimp out® ?

Our ambition : to make everyday life incredible and put the human in the act of purchase thanks to the recommendation in order to duplicate just what you have in the life of every day : a personalized purchase, and recommended by a community !

Pimped it is born out of two observations :
1 - start-ups (young innovative companies) are designing every day, new and amazing products !
Unfortunately, these startups are struggling to make themselves known and to make known their new products in France and internationally !

2 - The clients are fond of novelties, objects that are unique, innovative and amazing products !
But how to buy easily and at the best price, these amazing products that we, customers are fond of it, but that we not find in our shops !?
Pimp out is positioned as The 1st platform recommendation dénicheuse trends, and nuggets in pre-first through its community pimp out !


2.1 payments and the site pimp out are they secure ?

100% yes : safety is a priority to pimp out !
Our secure Server (SSL) is part of the encryption software is most effective for business transactions via the Internet : all of the personal data of our customers (card number, name, address, e-mail...) are coded to be unplayable in the course of their movement on the network. When you place an order on our site, so automatically via our secure server, each page of the form indicates the URL address beginning with " https ", the sign that you are connected to our SSL server.
Some browsers indicate this type of connection by a key or a closed lock (in the address bar).

2.2 Can I order a product without creating a profile client ?

No, when placing your first order, you will automatically create an account pimp out. We need it for the processing of your order and the security of your data, but mainly to facilitate our exchanges.
The pages relating to the personal account are free, printable and editable by the buyer in question, but have only an informative character intended to ensure an effective management of his orders. However, information and information issued by the buyer when the order engages this one. The company pimped it cannot be held liable in the event of an input error or incomplete details in the wording of the contact details of the recipient.

2.3 What are the accepted payment methods ?

We accept payments via BITCOIN, Paypal and by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, ...). Your order will be processed and transmitted to the supplier of the product concerned after the approval of your payment by our bank organization. If we still have not received your payment 15 days after your order, we will cancel it and you will be notified via email.


4.1 what is a pre-order ?

A product is interesting for us if it is rare on the market ! This is why we have created the offer pre-order !
The pre-order products are products that are not yet available for sale but the design of which is finished and which are in the production phase. This is the innovation at the earliest, you avoid stock outs at the public launch and you are assured that your product will be shipped in the first !
The pre-order is, therefore, to reserve one of the first copies of a product at a discounted price while supporting the creators of these products to obtain the funds needed to launch the production!
Concretely, this means that the product that you are going to pre-order will be delivered within a period of maximum 6 months, the period of each product is indicated on the corresponding product file.

4.2 Why should we immediately pay for the product if it is delivered in a few months ?

The rules of your order to valid the booking of your product, this allows the manufacturer to calculate the inventories to produce upstream.
On the other hand, we do not pay the money to the creator of the product to the shipment of your order. In the meantime if you change your mind in the meantime, we can pay you without difficulty.

4.3 What happens in the event of a delay of my pre-order ?

Actually, to avoid you any bad surprise, we ensure a regular monitoring of the progress of the production with creative and keep you informed as soon as possible. For each item in pre-order we are in direct link with the creator which enables us to share the progress of the production via email and on the page of the creator.
The objective is to support innovative product from a serious company and thus to give a human dimension to the objects of tomorrow. Of course, up to the shipment of the product, you can request cancellation and a full refund of your preorder.


5.1 When adding multiple products in my cart, the shipping cost stack, why ?

Pimp out is a marketplace, which means that we are trusted third parties. Thus, we manage everything ( products, startups, communication, security, sales, SERVICE etc) except the delivery ! Once the order was taken into account on our platform, it is forwarded to the startup at the origin of the product which you send it-even the(s) product(s) that you have purchased. So if you buy multiple products, you buy them at several startups, independent, localized to different places in the world and you pay the shipping costs for each shipment.

5.2 Why the charges vary so much from one product to the other ?

Since each startups attends to deliver his product, so they are free to choose the shipping methods (tracking or non, delivery time, price) they want. This explains the disparity between all of the products offered on pimp out. To know the terms and conditions of delivery of a product, simply go to the tab "SHIPPING & RETURN" page of the corresponding product.

5.3 What is the period of the shipping and delivery ?

As for the delivery charge, the delivery times are at the discretion of the supplier of each product. An approximation of the delivery time is indicated on each product sheet and we do our best to be as close to reality as possible. For the pre-order products, the time is indicated according to the state of progress of the production of the product.

5.4 How do I track the status of my order ?

We will notify you by email for every step of your order : order confirmation, payment confirmation and shipping confirmation. You can at any time make in your client account pimp out to check on the status of your order.

5.5 What if my order is still not delivered, taking into account the time indicated on the product page ?

If your order is still not delivered a week after the time frame indicated, please contact us at contact@pimper.fr.
Each shipment includes a parcel tracking number, you will be able to find the tracking number in your customer account. If no tracking number is filled in, it is that there is no tracking number associated with the product concerned or that it has not yet been updated by the Startup. We do our best to ensure that the startups listed on pimped it to be responsive, but a success can lead to delays. Please note that they do everything they can to meet demand and produce quickly. Thank you for your understanding and your patience. The TeamPimper remains at your service for any request of information by e-mail : contact@pimper.fr.

5.6 Where do you deliver ?

We deliver anywhere in the world for the vast majority of our products. However, according to the products, the areas may vary slightly. To check if the product you are interested in can be shipped to your home, you simply need to check in the datasheet the tab " SHIPPING & RETURN ". In case of doubt do not hesitate to contact us on our chat or by e-mail at contact@pimper.fr.
In order to facilitate your buying experience we have developed on pimp out a selection of the articles by delivery area. Please fill in your contact details in order to be able to offer you our selection of items that are in stock and available directly to you.

5.7 Do I have to pay import taxes on delivery ?

Not in 99% of cases. For the remaining 1%, taxes may exceptionally (and sometimes even randomly according to the customs controls!) you are claimed. If this happens, you will always have the option to refuse the delivery of the product and you get a refund for the order. If you accept the product, the customs fees will be your responsibility.


6.1 How do I know what the conditions of return a specific product ?

It is very simple : you just have to go on the tab "DELIVERY & RETURN" on the product page, you can see the conditions of return of the creator. If ever you don't find answers, please contact the TeamPimper : contact@pimper.fr

6.2 How do if an item from my order is missing, damaged, defective, or if I have not received the correct reference ?

Know first of all that if the delivery of the parcel by your factor you notice a package is damaged, you are entitled to refuse the delivery !
Then, once the problem has been found (the missing, defective, not corresponding to your order), please contact us directly on contact@pimper.fr by including in your email of the pictures of the packaging, the products received and the maximum amount of information. Keep all packaging intact and any documentation provided which will be necessary for a possible exchange/return. Depending on the problem and of the elements that you transmit to us, and we will find a solution for you with the startup, we always find a solution !
We will send you then the procedures for SERVICE of returns or exchanges to follow. Our goal : your satisfaction !

6.3 how much time is there to return a product ordered ?

According to the law Hamon, you have a right of withdrawal of 14 days from the receipt of the package. The return costs will be at your expense. However, and for your enjoyment, some startups offer an additional period of time that you will find in the "DELIVERY & RETURNS" section of each product datasheet. The goal is clearly to satisfy you, don't forget to know if you are.


7.1 I have developed a object awesome that I would like to list on pimped it, how to do ?

Congratulations ! Please contact us directly via our contact form pro by providing us with information on your product (links, photos, descriptions, etc). We will respond to you as quickly as possible !

7.2 The selection of products on pimp out : how does it work ?

One of the strong points to pimp out, is its ability to selection of products !
For each product, the team pimped it selects, tests, evaluates, and labellise the product with the help of his community.
Then if the product is found to be interesting, we are committed to distributing it on the platform to pimp out.
Thanks to this approach, pimp out research products from plants and small brands that do not have the capacity to internationalise and seek to reach a wider audience in order to offer just as a premium service (for example on the customization of the product).

On the chinese market for high-tech, there are products of different quality levels, you have to be careful to select products that can appeal on the international market. This is why we are committed with our clients to ensure the impeccable quality of our selection of articles : more than a selection, it is mostly our commitment to customer !

7.3 I have questions on a particular product, where to ask ?

For general questions whose answers may benefit all customers, you will find at the bottom of each product listing, a list of tabs.
Go to the tab "DISCUSSIONS" to ask your questions, the creator (or we) will respond as soon as possible. For questions related to your order, in particular, do not hesitate to use our chat.

7.4 A selection, but above all a partnership : services pimp out !?

Pimped it differentiates itself by sourcing and is not limited to objects known to all and represented by distributors standards !
A product is interesting for us if it is rare on the market this is why we want to create a closeness with our partners : retailers, start-ups, brands and suppliers in their providing a full range of the premium services (internationalization, personalization, gift card, gift list, communication, etc.).
Listening to our partners, it is for us to listen to the market and offer a better selection of innovative products !


8.1 How to offer a gift card (I do not know what to choose and I no longer have the time) ?

For a gift card, nothing more simple. Simply add the gift card to your shopping cart and validate the order after having completed the required information about the beneficiary. You also have the option to pimp out your gift card by selecting your eye, the amount, and adding a custom message to his / her attention. The gift card pimped it arrives in the mail box of the recipient when you want it !

8.2 How to pimp out my gift card in less than 5 minutes (tomorrow morning is the birthday of my wife) ?

Offer a gift card to the person of your choice !
The gift card is valid one year and allows its recipient to do his shopping on the whole site pimp out.

You can even very simply pimp out your gift card in less than 5 minutes, but how does it work ?
Martin wants to buy a gift card for the birthday of his wife (it is Saturday, and he forgot to do The famous gift) :
Martin crazy in love with his wife selects the model heart to declare his love.
He Pimp his card by completing the information : Amount, Message...
It selects the mode of delivery : sent by mail on the date of the next day !
Martin finalizes his / her order and pays.

Sunday, the next day, it is the birthday of Mary the wife of Martin, and hop by lifting it directly receives a mail Pimpé by Martin declaring his flame. Mary is happy, Martin also : they lived happy and had many children !

8.3 What is the validity of Gift Cards pimp out ?

All Gift Cards are valid for a period of one year from the date of your payment.


9.1 A platform very social ?

Yes : Our goal is not only to sell products: we develop a real ecosystem by forging such partnerships with key actors such as Futura.com.

Our goal is to buy better and more easily thanks to the recommendation of our community !
The e-commerce platform pimp out is based on the recommendation of its community to pimp out and with influencers (that is, sites with a strong reputation, each other..).

9.2 Why have you developed a referral service ?

Our ambition : to make everyday life incredible and put the human in the act of purchase thanks to the recommendation in order to duplicate just what you have in the life of every day : a personalized purchase, recommended by a community !
Pimped it so it is also a place of exchange and interaction around objects amazing. The “click-to-community” is already built-in to our site via the recommendation module dedicated to active community pimp out.
This is why we developed the currency Pimpercoin to pay our community pimp out.


10.1 I can't find the answer to my question in the FAQ !

No worries, you can contact us On our chat in the bottom right of the site or by e-mail at contact@pimper.fr.

10.2 How do I do if I want to unsubscribe from the Newsletter ?

First of all, we would be deeply sad to know you are tired of our newsletter which aims to be every week's innovative and entertaining !
But you have the right ! You can unsubscribe from your account or from the e-mail by clicking on the link : unsubscribe from the newsletter or by contacting us directly on contact@pimper.fr

10.3 Is it possible to have a promo code ?

Yes, the advantage of the concept pimped it is to work direct with the suppliers. This is why we want to make our community the best price. We therefore offer regular voucher codes for our community and for the sponsorship of our community pimp out.

Tips for getting promotions pimped it :

  • Subscribe to the Newsletter to not miss the flash sales,
  • Sponsor your loved ones,
  • Hunting for codes on our social networks.
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