Action camera GARMIN VIRB Ultra 30 - 4K/30 fps Ultra HD

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Very powerful camera which records videos in 4K/30 fps, allowing you to show off your adventures in the smallest details.
The VIRB Ultra 30 also includes a function of image stabilization 3-axis, so that your film remains stable, whether you're on your bike or off the beaten path.
With touch screen 1.75 inch displaying video during recording !

Prove your prowess with this camera Garmin : the more connected of the range !

Your achievements cannot be summed up in a video and a soundtrack. Capture of performance data relevant thanks to technology G-Metrix, including speed, altitude, G-force and your frequency cardiaque4. The Garmin GPS built-in (10 Hz) as well as the other sensors automatically record your data so that you can easily overlay gauges and graphics on your videos and prove your performance in terms of distance, altitude and speed. Other sensors and devices compatible Garmin pair with your VIRB to extend the control of the camera and provide you with detailed data based on your activity. Go to the tabs "compatible Devices" and "Accessories" to see the list of products and compatible sensors.

Share your experiences live and in Ultra HD
Thanks to the application VIRB® free Mobile, you have only one thing to do to stream your HD videos on YouTube® and share with the world. So, the next time that you exceed your objectives or cycling that will keep you at the forefront of a concert is electrifying, you don't have to wait to share your experience.

Easy voice command !
With the action camera VIRB Ultra 30, it has never been so easy to capture your best moments. Color LCD touch and very bright, you can see the videos during recording. It is intuitive, and works equally well with or without the waterproof housing (included). The menus are very simple, you can adjust the settings according to your needs. Turn on or turn off quickly the camera a single gesture or take a photo during an action.

It happens that you need to use your camera while it is out of reach, attached to a bracket on your helmet or when you have the hands taken !
It is for this reason that the action cam VIRB Ultra 30 is provided with functions of voice command technology using the Sensory TrulyHandsfree™. Use simple commands such as "Start Recording" or "Take a picture" to activate the camera remotely. You can even ask your VIRB Ultra 30 to mark some moments on film to find them more easily thereafter.

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