Trimmer Hair and Beard of 3 days

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Very convenient for the 3-day beard, this mower high performance incorporates a light function for greater ease of use and precision cutting.
The two clogs you will refresh your hair cut, while the minisabots will allow you to obtain a " 3-day beard "

Check out the all-new beard trimmer and hair : a revolutionary invention for displaying a flawless look, sleek and seductive , as to the mode in recent times, to give a shape to your beard and legs, or simply eliminate unsightly hair from your face (nose, ears, eyebrows, etc) or your body (torso, etc).
Maintain your beard, remove your unwanted hair or freshen up your haircut with ease and speed with one and the same machine !
In addition, the mower cordless battery operated (2 x AAA, not included) for greater comfort of use.
This fabulous lawn mower about 17 cm long and has two blades built of stainless steel, and several attachable accessories for perfect results :

  • 1 shoe cut long,
  • 1 shoe, short cut,
  • 1 minisabot single cutting,
  • 1 minisabot cup double,
  • 1 small cleaning brush.

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