Distributor of Bags Poop for Dogs (15 Bags)

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The dispenser of bags to poop for dogs (15 bags) is a product indispensable to avoid that the sidewalks do become " crottoirs ".
With a capacity of 15 plastic bags (approximately 32 x 22 cm), it is very convenient to pick up the droppings of your dog when you walk or go to the park.

Once the bag eats used, you just have to throw it in the nearest trashbin.
Design a fun, barrel-shaped, like those worn by our friends the St. Bernards, and his little hook system to hang on the leash, a belt, etc, is to be particularly practical and playful.
Made of plastic, you will appreciate its light weight and can bring it for all your trips.
Dimensions: 5 x 7 x 5 cm.
In pimped it, we also offer you spare parts of bags available here !

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